Let’s tackle ocean pollution closer to the source.

Let’s tackle ocean pollution closer to the source.

Four keys to a cleaner ocean

Building awareness

Encouraging a plastic-conscious lifestyle. Hope in a new generation.

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We need to build up knowledge and a deeper understanding of why cleaner rivers and cleaner oceans are important. We will work with teachers, journalists, artists, health workers, researchers, politicians and others to raise the level of knowledge. It is about changing attitudes and actions.


Plastic waste management

Establish or improve the infrastructure for the proper handling of plastic.

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Plastic is a unique material with a number of features. One of them being a very long durability, which also represents a vast challenge. Many forms of plastic are ideal for reuse or recycling, but most countries in the world have a long way to go in getting a proper handling of plastics up and going. Rivers.Global works to establish or improve the infrastructure for the safe handling of plastics.

All you need to know about plastics
As bad as it gets!

Deposit schemes

Cash for trash. See plastic as a resource. Circular economy.

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Money is a language that is understood all over the place. When people get paid to recycle plastic, they will do so. Rivers.Global will work to get deposit schemes up and running in more countries.

Clean-up actions

Initiate and support the clean-up of rivers, river-banks, beaches and more.

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Clean-up actions must always come after a collaboration with local waste treatment is established. There’s no need to clean up if the waste is not properly handled! Local people, such as community-groups, women’s groups, sports-teams, religious communities, schools and others can be challenged to do the actual clean-up. If you spend a Saturday cleaning up a river, a river-bank, a beach or a park, you will probably never ever throw away plastics in nature!