The Board

Martin Alvsvåg

Martin Alvsvåg (b. 1964)

Martin Alvsvåg, martin@rivers.global, founder of RIVERS.GLOBAL and chairman of the Board. Cand.Philol. in Religions, Music, English and Pedagogy.

This father of 3 told his teenager kids a few years ago that if they really wanted to make a change in the world, and work with something their own children and grandchildren would thank them for, then work for a cleaner ocean. Our greatest source of clean air and fresh water. And food of course! None of his kids were very enthusiastic, one of them said: Why don’t YOU do it!

Since then he has studied areas like pollution, plastics, waste management and effective ways to obtain a cleaner ocean. He founded Rivers.Global in 2018.

Aurelien Delaval

Aurelien Delaval (b. 1993)

Aurelien Delaval is a marine biologist undertaking his PhD at Nord University in Norway. He has a scientific background in ecology and zoology, and has worked in many environments from the tropical rainforests and rivers of southeast Asia and Australia, to the rugged coasts and deep seas around Norway. Aurelien has grown up in Thailand, and has witnessed first-hand the problem of pollutants and rubbish in these rivers and surrounding oceans. He has a network of scientists, environmental workers, and educators around the world, including in his home country of Thailand.

Ellen Sandvik Mikkelsen (b. 1980)

Born and raised in Oslo and Lørenskog, and has lived many years in Fredrikstad. Studied sociology and management, and will start a Master’s degree this autumn. Speaks Spanish in addition to Norwegian and English. Years of experience in volunteer work, both political and organisational, working on environmental, sustainability, and conservation issues. In the last 5 years, Ellen has mainly worked on marine waste, as a scientific advisor, political advisor, and project leader. Ellen now works as a scientific advisor for Norwegian Society for Conservation of Nature as a project leader for marine waste.

Arild Fehn

Arild Fehn (b. 1967)

Arild Fehn is born in Oslo, lives in Trondheim. Bachleor in International studies from Norwich, England. Country Director 4 years for NMAV, Vietnam. Currently adminitrative leader of Kirkens Bymisjon in Trondheim. Loves running, with or without a ball, loves travelling, hiking in the mountains. Father of 4. Active in church-work, both local and international.

Janne Hillersøy (b. 1970)

Name: Janne Hillersøy.
Age: 49.
Civil status: Lives with her partner and 4 children.
Education: Teacher, master-degree in IT, master-degree in public governance and management.
Profession: Responsible for procurement and communications at SIM (Sunnhordland Interkommunale Miljøverk).
Earlier; Journalist for Bømlo-nytt and Haugesunds Avis. Teacher at Fitjar high school.
Interests: Outdoor life, mountaineering, paddling, and literature.

Nghia Quoc Trinh (b. 1972)

Nghia Trinh was born and raised in Vietnam. He is a hydro-engineer with a Bachelor from Hanoi, and a Master and PhD from NTNU in Trondheim. He speaks fluent Vietnamese and English, and is improving in Norwegian. He has experience and a large network in Vietnam, and broad knowledge in engineering, hydraulics, and Vietnamese culture.

Currently works at SINTEF in Trondheim.

Christian Dubrau (b. 1983)

Originally from Germany, but has lived in Norway since 2004.
Married with 4 children.
Master degree in accounting and auditing, and has worked in auditing for KPMG from 2008 to 2014.
Worked for Save the Children since 2014, acting as leader of the economy department since 2017.
A hobby bee-keeper and was involved in founding BYBI Oslo in 2012. Involved in starting up the social enterprise Epleslang AS.
Board-member of Cultura Sparebank, Norway’s most ethical bank, since 2015.
Enjoys cycling and spending time with family.

Maja Bernhoff (b. 1994)

161 cm tall and often smells like campfire smoke, Maja comes from Helgelandskysten. Maja has a Bachelor in Geology and a Master in Environments and Natural Resources. Maja works as an advisor on plastic waste management for Naturvernforbundet in Troms and Finnmark. Passionate about the sustainable relationship between humans and nature. Maja enjoys good conversation, dog-sledding, campfires, and clean nature.