The Board

Martin Alvsvåg

Martin Alvsvåg (b. 1964)

Martin Alvsvåg, martin@rivers.global, founder of Rivers.Global and chairman of the board. Cand.Philol. in Religions, Music, English and Pedagogy.

This father of 3 told his teenager kids a few years ago that if they really wanted to make a change in the world, and work with something their own children and grandchildren would thank them for, then work for a cleaner ocean. Our greatest source of clean air and fresh water. And food of course! None of his kids were very enthusiastic, one of them said: Why don’t YOU do it!

Since then he has studied areas like pollution, plastics, waste management and effective ways to obtain a cleaner ocean. He founded Rivers.Global in 2018.

Arild Fehn

Arild Fehn (b. 1967)

Deputy chair of the board. Arild Fehn is born in Oslo, lives in Trondheim. Bachleor in International studies from Norwich, England. Country Director 4 years for NMAV, Vietnam. Currently adminitrative leader of Kirkens Bymisjon in Trondheim. Loves running, with or without a ball, loves travelling, hiking in the mountains. Father of 4. Active in church-work, both local and international.

Nghia Quoc Trinh (b. 1972)

Nghia Trinh was born and raised in Vietnam. He is a hydro-engineer with a Bachelor from Hanoi, and a Master and PhD from NTNU in Trondheim. He speaks fluent Vietnamese and English, and is improving in Norwegian. He has experience and a large network in Vietnam, and broad knowledge in engineering, hydraulics, and Vietnamese culture.

Currently works at SINTEF in Trondheim.

Cecilie Grøttveit (b. 1974)

Originally from Hamar, but lives just outside Bergen with her husband and two children. Educated as a teacher and worked for a long time in school, both primary and lower secondary school. Has worked extensively with integration, problem behaviour and learning difficulties. Currently working at Nordhordland Folk High School as a teacher on the school’s solidarity line. Passionate about good cultural meetings, sustainable aid and a cleaner world.  Are otherwise fond of the simple and good outdoor life, physical activity, coffee brewing and people.

Steinar Dale Wessman (b. 1983)

Steinar really cheers for Rivers.Global and this organizations strong commitment to combating marine litter. Works as a teacher. Makes annual trips to Asia with students and has seen the many challenges with plastic pollution in this region. As a board member of Rivers, Steinar wants to be a part of the solution. Works at Nordhordland Folk High School at Frekhaug.

Sunniva Bergo Aarvik (b. 1999)

Working on a bachelor’s degree in work and organizational psychology at UiB. In addition, she has a position as a personal assistant, and is Sunday school leader in Salem, Bergen.

Her commitment to the environment has gradually evolved. She is now regularly seen on the side of the road to pick up the boss astray, and is also an advocate for a more frugal lifestyle. Otherwise, she is interested in outdoor activities and is happy to participate in game nights.

Tor Martin Synnes (b. 1967)

Married, father of three and grandfather of two. Works as a parish priest in Fjellhamar parish at Lørenskog. Has done so for 17 years. Prior to that, he worked as a student chaplain in Skårer parish for three years after working as a student chaplain in Navigatørene in both Bergen and Oslo for nine years. Has had a long-term commitment to climate and consumption, since he was a student. Rides his bike to work, even in winter time. Skies a lot, also with wheels, runs, plays football.

Jørn Kokvold (b. 1959)

Trained as a police officer, and worked 6 years in the police before changing industry to HR. The last 10 years he was HR director in Lundin Energy Norway. Retired in 2022, after the company was acquired by Aker BP. Jørn thinks that Rivers.Global is an exciting organization, with good ideas and solutions to limit plastic emissions to the ocean. He would like to contribute to the further development of this important work. Jørn is married, 3 adult children.