Norwegian Mission Alliance in Vietnam has been working in Vietnam since 1996. They have a broad network with community-groups, women-groups, schools, local and national authorities. Rivers.Global has been invited to join in an existing plan, and here are some of the key elements of the project. The contribution of Rivers has been 55.000 NOK, a little over USD 6.000,-

Fighting Plastic in Mekong

A project run by NMAV, in collaboration with Rivers.Global.

Plans for 2019:

 Part 1: Make an assessment of the garbage collection system in Tra Vinh.

 Part 2: Organize “clean up-events” together with local government and volunteer groups.

 Part 3: Support local monitoring groups so people do rubbish classification at home, dispose plastic in a sustainable way and encourage local communities so they organize and pay for rubbish collection.  

 Part 4: Some activities in schools to change habits and create awareness of rubbish classification and how plastic affects the environment.

 Some of these activities are already in NMAV plan – with the support from Rivers.Global NMAV are able to strengthen them and make them more “plastic”-oriented.

Plastic pollution in rivers is a huge problem all over the world.

Especially in South East Asia there are many "plastic rivers" where you can not see the water due to plastic and other trash.

Vietnam has about 92 million people, even if it's only at the size of Norway. Single-use plastic is widely used, not least in the eating-gear at thousands of street-restaurants around the country. 

Check out articles from Vietnam and other South-East countries here:

Vietnam is the fourth-largest contributor to marine plastic pollution globally.

Mountains of plastic in Cambodia.

Waste management part of Thailand 20-year national strategy.

The Philippines wastes 6,237,653 kg of plastic per day.

Giant plastic 'berg blocks Indonesian river.

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