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The River Cleaner works as planned!

The River Cleaner was tested in the Etne-river in the from 1.-5. October, and inaugurated on October 5 with students and teachers from Moster skule and other interested. 46 plastic items were thrown in the river 200 m up-stream, and ALL OF THEM were catched by The River Cleaner!

The River Cleaner in the making!

A proto-type of The River Cleaner is now being produced on the island of Bømlo, Norway. The floating devices were made June 18, with interested students and teachers from Moster high-school watching. The frame of aluminium will also be welded on Bømlo, where the chief engineer of The River Cleaner lives. And finally tested in […]

Moster high school new ambassadors!

We are thrilled to announce Moster high school on Bømlo as new ambassadors for Rivers.Global! They will follow the construction of pilot of The River Cleaner now being built on Bømlo. They also plan to be present when the collector will be tested in the Etne-river, probably in September 2021.

New Board-members in Rivers.Global

The General Assembly on 20.April 2021 voted in 3 new members in the Board, now consisting of 8 persons. Maja, Ellen and Nghia contribute with skills and competence in various areas, and we are thrilled to have them on board! You can find the Annual Report 2020 and more information on the Board here.

Plastics on the move

On January 1, 2021, an important new law tackling plastic pollution came into effect. It was an amendment to the Basel Convention, which controls the movement of hazardous waste between countries, and thanks to pressure from Norway, was expanded to include plastic. Nearly every country in the world (186 nations) signed on to the amendment, but […]