RIVERS.GLOBAL believes that a cleaner ocean depends on better waste management, clean-up actions, awareness-building and deposit schemes.

The rivers of the world are are major contributors of plastic to the ocean. And when the plastic first reaches the sea, most of it sinks and becomes unreachable.

As long as the plastic is in the rivers, it is easier to collect and the distance to recycling and proper waste management is shorter. It is more efficient to collect the plastic BEFORE it reaches the sea.


Our four focuses:

1. Plastic waste management. Plastic is a unique material with a very long durability. Many forms of plastic are ideal for reuse or recycling. We work to establish or improve the infrastructure for safe handling of waste. 

2. Clean-up. We aim to initiate and support practical clean-up actions, always in collaboration with local authoroties and the local people, such as community-groups, women's groups, sports-teams, religious communities, schools and others.

3. Deposit schemes. Cash for trash. See used plastic as a resource. When people get paid to recycle plastic, it will stimulate participation and reduce the amount of plastic. 

4. Build awareness. Knowledge and a deeper understanding of why cleaner rivers and cleaner oceans are important. We will work with teachers, journalists, artists, health workers, researchers, politicians and others to raise the level of knowledge. It is about changing attitudes and actions. And 

A truck in Columbia shows very clearly the problem.

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